F & S Property Inspections Covers:
The  Following Counties... San Bernardino, Riverside, Los Angeles, and Orange. Including High Desert, Big Bear, Banning & surrounding area. 

We have very  competitive prices starting as low as $195.00. We have easy to read  reports with color photos. In addition, we supply a comprehensive report  via e-mail to you and your realtor within 24 hours.

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MILITARY: Marines - Army - Navy - Air Force - Coast Guard - National Guard  Active / Retired 

LAW ENFORCEMENT:  City Police - County Sheriff - Highway/Border Patrol Correctional Office - DEA / FBI Homeland Security Dispatchers   
Active / Retired 

FIRE FIGHTERS: City, County State - Volunteers - Paramedics     
Emergency Medical Technician   
Active / Retired

HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS: Doctors - Nurses - Pharmacist Technicians  Therapists - Chiropractors - Care Providers    
Active / Retired EDUCATORS: Teacher - Professors - Administrators  Private School    
Active / Retired